Ray and The Rockets
Nanaimo, British Columbia
2002 - Present


Tim Allen ~ Saxophone
Rick Haug ~ Bass
Ray Johansen ~ Guitar
Brad Kent ~ Drums
Randy Krall ~ Keyboards
Larry Kulai ~ Guitar

Ray and the Rockets was formed in January 2002 by a group of Vancouver Island musicians who played as teenagers during the 60's and 70's.  They feature music from the 50's and 60's.

Ray Johansen started playing in Nanaimo at age l4 with a group called the Shades of Difference.  Later on with "Suede" and then in the 70's with "Dynasty".

Rick Haug layed in Nanaimo as a teenager with "Shades of Difference".  In the 70's with "Green Dog".  Worked on the road across Canada with a band called "Stryder".  Played with "Dynasty" in the early 80's.  Formed the "Haug Brothers" in the mid 80's.

Randy Krall, s a teenager in the early 60's, taught himself to play the piano.  He played as a soloist in various pubs around the Nanaimo area.  Randy was the keyboardist for seven years during the 90's with "Chevy Ray & The Fins.  Randy is an uncle to Nanaimo's world famous Jazz Diva Diana Krall.

Raised in Victoria, Brad Kent played the piano and violin as a child.  He took up the drums at age 12.  His first band at age l5 was the "Mixed Emotions".   He went on to play with "Home Brew", the "Norbert Boyce Quartet", "Taxi", "Lonestar", "Moonshine", "Mystery Train".

Tim Allen hails from Qualicum Beach and is the newest member of the group, joining in the summer of 2002.  Tim has played in rock and roll bands since he was a teenager.  He also holds a degree in music.

Larry Kulai took up the guitar at age 14 and was in his first rock and roll band "The Invaders" at age 15.  He went on to play with the "Cry for Justice" in the late 60's, "White Buck" in the early 70's, and "Chevy Ray & The Fins" during the 90's.

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Invaders, Cry for Justice, White Buck, Chevy Ray and the Fins, Mixed Emotions, Home Brew, The Norbert Boyce Quartet, Taxi, Lonestar, Moonshine, Mystery Train,  Shades of DIfference, Suede, Dynasty, and many other NW bands.

Photo Courtesy of Larry Kulai

Photo Courtesy of Larry Kulai

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Last Update: 30 March 2011
Credits: Larry Kulai

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