R&B Allstars
Vancouver, British Columbia
1978 - 1990's & Reunited in 2013


Joani Bye ~ Guitar, Vocals
Al Davidson ~ Keyboards
Rick Hill ~ Drums
Steve Hilliam ~ Reeds
Al Lynch ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Russell Marsland ~ Guitar
Bill Mendoza ~ Bass
Alex Michie ~ Tenor Saxophone
Kirsten Nash ~ Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
John (JP) Pearson ~ Baritone Saxophone
Hans Stamer ~ Vocals
Dave Steel ~ Vocals
Colin Weinmaster ~ Trombone


Paul Baron ~ Trumpet
Glen Blackford ~ Bass
Ken Boychuk ~ Hammond B3
Darryl Burgess ~ Drums
John Ellis ~ Guitar, Vocals
Norm Fisher ~ Bass
Fred Gass ~ Trumpet
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Daryl Miller ~ Drums
Willy (The Sweet One) Ward ~ Trumpet, Vocals
John Winterton ~ Bass

Glen Widgell ~ Sound

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In Memory of

Glen Widgell


R+B Allstars Update
(June 2013)

The Vancouver based R+B Allstars,  after a 10 year recuperation from groove fatigue, are reforming and will performing starting mid 2013.

The group includes 10 original members and 3 new additions. Powerful vocals include Dave Steele (new), Hans Stamer, Joanie Bye, Kirsten Nash and Al Lynch. The original rhythm section of Rick Hill (drums), Russ Marsland (Gtr.) Al Davidson (keys) is joined by Billy Mendoza (bass). The original horn section of Kirsten Nash (tenor), Colin Weinmaster (trombone), Alex Michie (Tenor), John Pearson (Baritone sax), Al Lynch (trumpet) have added the smoking talents of Steve Hilliam on reeds. We are looking forward to reconnecting with all the people who proclaimed to have missed us.

RBA 2013

The R & B Allstars in 1989


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Last Update: 18 June 2013
Credits: Alex Michie, Alan Burns, William Ward, Rick Hill, Colin Weinmaster, Russell Marsland, Willy Ward, Paul Harris

Band # 1024