Joey Viola, Tony Cooper, Dave Humphrey, Kevin Dillon - Redax - 1979
Renton, Washington
1976 -1983


Mike Aleksich ~ Drums
Bill Becker ~ Keyboards
Billy Bertman ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Black ~ Guitar
Steve Buffington ~ Guitar
Steve Carlson ~ Vocals, Guitar
Tony Cooper ~ Bass, Vocals
Kevin Dillon ~ Guitar
Dave Humphrey ~ Vocals, guitar
Scott Hunt ~ Drums
Scott Janssen ~ Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Larry Lehnertz ~ Bass, Vocals
Wes Lewis ~ Vocals, Guitar
Dana Osborn ~ Drums
Dave Parry ~ Keyboards
Jon Prescott ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jeremy Roberts ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Joey Viola ~ Drums, Vocals


Pat Dillon ~ Sound
Don Dvorak ~ Stage Technician
Al Gough ~ Lights
Dean Robertson ~ Lights
Steve San Jules ~ Stage Technician
Rick Stephens ~ Sound
Chris Wood ~ Stage Technician

In Memory of

Al Gough
Tony Cooper  (D: September 2007)

Kevin Dillon, Tony Cooper, Joey Viola, Dave Humphrey, Jon Prescott - 1980

Joey Viola, Jeremy Roberts, Steve Carlson, Tony Cooper, Steve Buffington - 1982

Mike Aleksich, Larry Lehnertz, Billy Bertman, Scott Janssen

My name is Billy Bertman and I have played guitar around Seattle for years. (The Intruders, Nico Wind Band, The Holly Kline Band, Redax, Maximillion, William and Alene, Albritton Mclaine and the Bridge of Souls and currently Southbound and Burning Wood)

Above is another Redax photo which is one of the later versions. The lineup right to left is Mike Aleksich, Drums, Larry Lehnertz bass and vocals, Billy Bertman Guitar and vocals, Scott Janssen guitar keys and vocals.

I replaced Mark Black in the band. Later on Scott Hunt came in to play drums and Bill Becker on Keyboards and I believe that was the final version or close to it. I always joke that if there was ever a Redax reunion we would have to rent out Safeco field to fit all the members!!!

What a great site you have done. It is so fun to look back at all the great bands and musicians over all the years…Thanks so much!!!

Billy Bertman, April 2014

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Credits: Tony Cooper, Kevin Dillon, Robert Nims, Rob Simmonds, Billy Bertman, Dave Parry
Band # 1354