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Wallstreet at the Reef - 1985
The Reef
Point Roberts, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during the great years of NW music were:

5 Man Cargo
The Boundary Bay Boogie Band
The Doucenburgs
Sparkling Apple

Others  ??

After the Breakers burnt down in about 1983, the Reef in Point Roberts, was the only place to play. Great room considering it was packed to the rafters most weekends.  I recall taking the whole 20 minute break just to get to the bar and back to the stage again.  We would play Fri., Sat., and Sundays there.  Even Sundays were good up until the bars in Vancouver opened on Sundays for Expo 86, that killed the band/bar business in Point Roberts.  As this piece of USA is only accesible from mainland Canada, the border guards and the RCMP made it difficult for patrons to access the Point and return home after so there was no incentive to make the trip, despite the great ambiance of Point Roberts.

Steve Sukert, Bassist, Wallstreet, March 2008

I played at the Reef in Point Roberts several times in the late 1970's.  The bands' names were The Boundary Bay Boogie Band, and The Doucenburgs.  The Reef was just steps away from the much bigger and more popular, The Breakers. The reef did have cool T-shirts that read: "Good Grief, It's the Reef".

Ha det bra,

Roger Stomperud, May 2008
The Burke Street Band & Sharon Young & The Restless.

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Credits:  Steve Sukert, Gunnar Roger Stomperud (R.I.P.), Gary Ruhl