Regents - Nelson, BC  - Photo Courtesy of Nick Bubas
Mack, Jack, Nick, John, Harry
The Regents
Nelson, British Columbia
1959 - 1963


Nick Bubas ~ Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
John Cristofanetti ~ Piano, Accordion
Mac Stuart ~ Bass
Harry Verigin ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jack White ~ Drums

I grew up in a small town located in the southeast corner of British Columbia called Nelson,  where I attended primary and secondary school.

Being a student interested in music and being part of the school band, some of us had their own band as well. During 1959 to 1963 our band was called "The Regents".

About 1961,  I had heard there was a band called the "Regents" which was from Seattle or Tacoma.  I remember thinking, now we one each side of the 49th!

During that time, we really didn't venture far and generally performed in our local area.
Nick Bubas, November 2003

Editors Note:  The 1961 Regents from Seattle referred to above was most likely the 1955-1963 Regents from Seattle - Whidbey Island.  Tacoma's Regents existed from 1963 to 1967.  Another Regents existed in Seattle in the 60's but nothing is yet known of them  There was yet another Regents in Victoria, BC in the mid-60's as well.

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Last Update: 28 November 2008
Credits:  Nick Bubas
Band # 1360