Formed from Breeze
Redmond, Washington
1980 - 1982


Bob Beguine ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Colasurdo ~ Guitar, Vocals
Doc Van Etten ~ Drums, Vocals
Dave Gressel ~ Guitar, Vocals
Neil Morris ~ Bass

In Memory of

Neil Morris

In 1980 Breeze added two new members to it's line up and changed their name to Renegade.  We had Dave Gressel on vocals and guitar,  Bob Colasurdo vocals and guitar, Bob Beguine vocals and guitar, Neil    Morris on Bass and Doc Van Etten vocals and drums.

Renegade called Redmond home, but most of the time you could find  them rolling down the highway in their bus heading for another show.  We were a hard-working and hard-partying band.  We booked our gigs from 'Far West Entertainment.'  They always kept us busy... "and the wheels on the bus go round and round!"

The band stayed  together for two years.

Doc Van Etten, April 2006

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: Breeze, Hotel Texas, The Gryffyn BandThe Walrus Bros., The Good Ole Boys, Bobby Lee and the Edsels, Thunder Road, The Stratocruisers  and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  31 May 2015
Credits:  Doc Van Etten
 Band # 1934