Burnaby Bands and Friends Reunion
Burnaby, British Columbia
5 May 2007

All Photos Linda C., 2007

Since our last big reunion was such a success we are now announcing...The Burnaby Bands and Friends Reunion 2!!! The confirmed date is Saturday, April 26th, 2008.  Once again it will take place at The Firefighters Club in the Metrotown area of Burnaby.  In '07 we were able to raise 3000 dallars for The Walkathon for Kids with Cancer Society, so we just have to do it again.  We had a terific turn out of musicians and singers in '07 and we want to build on this for '08.  Please help us invite musicians (were You in a band?)  and friends (did you ever do The Jerk?)  to call Barry Walker at 604 420 7011 (email
The Burnaby Bands and Friends Reunion was such a wonderful event, with so many fans and band musicians getting together again!

We had approximately 240 "old" friends come out to see pals from the past while supporting a great cause....The Walkathon for Kids with Cancer Society.

There will be a dvd for the event.  It will probably be ready in about 3 1/2 weeks.

Here is a gentle challenge for all of the other great music fans and performers from the 60's and 70's...  You will be invigorated and enlivened should you think about choosing a worthy cause and then getting "The Talent" on stage once again in order to rock and roll as rockin' and rollin' was meant to be!

In Burnaby B.C. we had an amazing evening on May 5th, 2007.  The emails and phone calls keep coming in to encourage a Burnaby Bands and Friends ll.  This is something that just MUST happen.  The organizing process was as rewarding as the evening itself.

With the help of the amazing PNW Bands site, a person cannot possibly go wrong.  I offer my encouragement and assistance to all ot the fine folks who might want to see the dance floor full once again.

All the best,  Barry Walker

The above two two pictures feature local legends Barry Collins and The Raible Brothers.  The Raibles were the original singers for Soul Unlimited.  Barry Collins fronted so many of the great R & B bands in the Burnaby/Vancouver area.  Man, all of these fellas can still belt it out!

Barry Walker, May 2007

Courtesy of Barry Walker, Linda C. (Photos)
Here we have Des Bosa and Ron Dyer of The Mods (Unforeseen) and best pal Phil Smeltzer from The Bittersweets.  The guys have just finished performing G.L.O.R.I.A. together.  First time together in over 30 years.  Man, were they smiling!

Barry Walker, May 2007

 Well, here we are...some of the 60's and 79's rock and rollers at about 1:15 a.m. 
following the big dance.  We had such a great, great time! 

The crowd of approxiamtely 240 folks also had a glorious time meeting "old" friends and enjoying LIVE music once again.

And the joint was rockin' goin' round and round - Photo by Linda C.
Harry Walker

Harry Walker (The Godfather of Vancouver Soul) hits the stage later and had the crowd at full tilt boogie! 

Dancing to Harry Walker (Night Train Review) singing Knock On Wood.  Harry had 'em going!

The two original drummers for The Electric Train, Graham Walker and Gary Kennedy

Northwest Company in 2007 (35 years later!)  The Northwest Company - Brian Barrington, Bary Walker, Graham Walker, Gary Kennedy, with guests Dave Hunter and Al Foreman.)  Roll Over Beethoven! 


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Last Update:  18 December 2007
Credits: Barry Walker (text), Linda C. (photos)
Photos Linda C., 2007