The Regents
Rich Liebe ~ Guitar
1963-1965 & 1997-Present

RICH LIEBE - Early 1964

Rich Liebe on the Front Page of the Seattle TImes
Louie Louie Fest - Cheney Stadium - August 2003

Rich Liebe, lead guitar and backup vocalist for the original Regents from early 1963 to 1965.  Rich was the one who can be credited as forming the Regents of Tacoma by bringing together members of the Columbians, a band in which Richard Rossiter (guitar) played, then Dave Roland (drums), Billy McPherson (saxophone) and finally Sammy Carlson (bass).  Rich has been a busy man, having spent a full thirty-year career in the US Army, retiring not too long ago as a Colonel.  He promised to finally get around to writing a brief autobiography for his page.  When he gets "a round tuit", that information will bless this site.  In the meantime, here are a couple of photographs of Rich taken during some of the Regents recent reunion jams.  He sure looks good for an old guy.

That's Rich on the left with Larry Parypa on the Right
at the 1997 Regents - Sonics reunion jam

That's Rich again on the left with Larry Parypa
in the shadows at the 1998 Regents - Sonics reunion

Richard AFKAD (The Artist Formerly Known as Dick) Rossiter on the left with Sammy Carlson in the middle, and that's Rich again, now on the right at the 1999 reunion.

Rich on stage with the Regents, September 2002

"Rich is the only one of the Regents who looks better now than he did in '65"... Dave Roland, Sammy Carlson and Billy McPherson commenting on Rich at the first reunion in '97.  AFKAD always looked great, so he doesn't count.

"I remember Rich Liebe having Dangel down to a tee!... even the mannerisms!!!!"... Michael Moore, The Triumphs & Obrador, August 2000

"Rich has been practicing!  He sounded absolutely great!"... Dave Roland, commenting on Rich after the Regents 2000 gig in Puyallup, WA.

"As far as Rich Liebe, I often compared his guitar playing to Rich Dangel of the Wailers.  I only met Rich once when a couple of the members of our band went to his house over on Lake Steilacoom when we were just young kids.  I thought he had a real smooth and polished touch.  After hearing him play in Raymond, WA last summer, his tone and sound was as good as ever".
Tim Hall, Grizzly, Nyanza, Foghorn Leghorn, Tim Hall Band, December 2003

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