Photo by Dave Joern
Spokane, Washington
1973 - 1975 & 1979 - 1981



Dave Aldrich ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kelly Cameron ~ Bass, Vocals
Matt Hines ~ Drums, Vocals
Brett Johnson ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

79 - 81

Kelly Cameron ~ Bass
Roger Pedersen ~ Guitar
Jeff Smith ~ Guitar, Synth, Flute, Vocals
Rob Wakefield ~ Drums

Photo by Dave Joern

Ripper played during the years of 1973 through 1975 in and around the Spokane area. We played at Casey's in Lewiston Idaho and other places such as Gonzaga Prep Auditorium in Spokane along side of Day Break. We also played alot of High School dances in Spokane and other places like Colville, WA. Ritzville, WA. The Armory in Spokane, Tiffany's in Spokane. Also played after hours at El Patio with Cheyenne that later changed their name to Shyanne. We played mostly Blue Oyster Cult, Montrose, Led Zeppelin, Stever Miller Band, Heart just to name a few.

We were extremely loud and aggressive in our style. The Base Guitar player is Kelly Cameron, Lead Guitar is Brett Johnson, Drums Matt Hines. Matt is the bottom left, Kelly is upper right, Brett is lower right. The other player was a great guitar player and I can't remember his name for the life of me. When it comes to me I will let you know.

Matt Hines, May 2007

Matt Hines says he can't remember the name of the guitarist in the upper left of the photo.  It's Dave Aldrich!  He went to Mead High School in Spokane.  He was in some other bands (Pyramid).  Very talented and a nice guy.

Marla L., January 2008

Image courtesy of Kelly Cameron via Dave Joern - photographer not known.
L to R: Roger Pedersen, guitar, vocals; Kelly Cameron, bass; Jeff Smith, guitar, synth, flute, vocals; Rob Wakefield, drums. (photographer unknown)

Years active 1979-1981

This later version of the band performed throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho during 1979 through 1981.  They performed covers of AC/DC, Scorpions, Blue Oyster Cult, Montrose, Judas Priest.

Played lots of frat houses at the U of Idaho and Black Dog, Stateline, ID.

Kelly Cameron via Dave Joern, June 2013

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Last Update:  24 June 2013
Credits:   Matt Hines, Chuck Burbank, Marla L., Dave Joern (photraphy), Kelly Cameron
Band #  2211