Portland, Oregon
1975 - 1977


Ted Doty ~ Lead Guitar
Greg Bundy ~ Bass
Dave Lawrence ~ Drums
Randy Lewis ~ Vocals
Dan Schmidt ~ Rhythm Guitar


Gordon Lawrence ~ Effects
JR Whalely ~ Roadie
Shawn ? ~ Roadie

Others ?

The band was based out of Portland, and I believe they started as a band probably around early 1975 or so. The other guitarist and I came around mid 1975 through 1977 I suppose, then we disbanded. With the last line-up we opened a number of times for the Portland band called High Voltage with Bob Elston as their lead singer.

We played at places like the Evergreen Ballroom up in Lacey, WA. We did a joint called the Hayloft in Vancouver, WA. Centrailia Community College was a gig I'll never forget. Our Soundman/special effects guy, Gordon Lawrence, set a charge in an old speaker cabinet to blow during a Blue Oyster Cult cover called ME262. During the middle of the song it was supposed to be this WW2 aerial battle going on, well we had lights going, synthesizer making siren and explosion noises when all of a sudden the flash pots we had out front went off along with the speaker cabinet going off. Some how my self and the bass player missed the cue, we were on stage left pretty close to the cabinet, I'll never forget that concussion wave. The kids on the cafeteria dance floor loved it although the powers to be who put on the dance were pretty upset. They did pay us, but said we would never play there again. I remember how we all thought we really pulled one over on the "establishment". When we were packing up our gear, I had noticed a small hole in the concrete block wall right behind the speaker. I guess we got pretty lucky that we didn't hurt someone!

We did a Friday night gig up at this lodge at Government Camp on Mt Hood with a Saturday night gig the next night in Madras, OR. Our two guitars were somehow stolen from the Friday night gig, so how were we going to play the next night in Madras without guitars? Thank God for loyal roadies. We had these two guy's that would always help set up and tear down for nothing more than a beer or whatever. They drove back to Portland that night to pick up their two axes for us that they owned and met us in time for the Saturday night gig in Madras.  Shawn and JR ...I often think about how you two saved the show!  By the way we got our guitars back in about a month, we were lucky once again!

We played many outdoor parties that summer of '76 The best and biggest was the one we did on the bicentennial 4th of July out in Beavercreek, OR.  Lots of BBQ, beer, women and whatever else you so chose. These are just a couple of gigs we played.

We used to do covers from Zep, Aerosmith, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, UFO, Kiss, Rush, Mahoghany Rush, Sabboth, can't even remember our set list any more, it's that 50's thing.

Dan Schmidt, October 2007

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Last Update:  22 November 2007
Credits:   Dan Schmidt
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