Jay, John, Allan
Cal, Mike
Seattle, Washington
1981 - 1984


Allan Beardsley ~ Guitar
Cal Hargreaves ~ Drums, Vocals
Jay Hargreaves ~ Bass
John Mathews ~ Guitar
Mike Srok ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Sund ~ Guitar


Scott Taylor ~ Soundman Extraordinaire

Jay, Alan, Cal, Mike & Kurt  - 1981

The band originated in 1980 as Allison Wonderland (after the lead singer named Allison) with Allan, Cal, Jay and Kurt, and was renamed Roadhouse (after “Roadhouse Blues” by the Doors) when Mike Srok joined in 1981.

The band played several local venues (Mr. Bill’s, Donovans, The Eagles Auditorium, The Hall Of Fame, Hibble and Hyde’s among others) and more than a few hall parties, playing a mix of classic and hard rock.

Kurt Sund left the band in 1983 to move back to his home town of Yacolt, WA (where he still performs in the band Reckless) to be replaced by John Mathews. This would be the final lineup of the band, as, in 1984, Jay, Cal and Mike moved on to form DMZ to focus on original material.

Cal at Mr. Bill's

Mike Srok at Donovan's - 1981

Roadhouse - Playing for ABATE - 1983
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members, crew, etc., of this group include: DMZ, The Blame, Allison Wonderland, Reckless and many other NW bands

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Last Update:   14 February 2015
Credits:  Mike Srok
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