The Rockers
Spokane, Washington
1957 - 1965


Marvin Carroll ~ Bass
Mike Clothier ~ Keyboards
Gary Edwards ~ Bass
Wayne Freeman ~ Drums
Bud Grafious ~ Saxophone
Craig Kuhlman ~ Bass, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Everett Leep ~ Bass
Jack Lyons ~ Guitar, Hammond M3, Vocals
Joel D. Nye ~ Keyboards
John Sargent ~ Drums
Dan Scharpenberg ~ Guitar
Tom Stewart ~ Lead Guitar
Ed Thomas ~ Saxophone
Tim Webster ~ Drums

In Memory of

Wayne Freeman
Bud Grafious
Everett Leep
Jack Lyons
John Sargent

The Rockers - Photo courtesy of Marv Carroll
The Rockers in 1958 - Tom (Guitar) and John (Drums)

I was one of the early members during 1957-1959.  It seems that Tom Stewart is the only original survivor of this band.  I was a bass guitar player along with Tom Stewart (rhythm guitar) and John Sargent (drums), and Dan Scharpenberg (guitar).  “Sarge” was the original drummer for The Rockers. Dan played in 58 and 59.

Marvin Carroll, July 2006

Wayne Freeman, who died at the age of 19, was a rare human being, and definitely one of a kind.  He was a really good Hot Rod builder.  He had a '34 Ford 5 window coupe, and a 34 Dodge 2 door Sedan.  He loved cars and music and was just beginning a productive life.  We still miss him.

Michael Jay Clothier, January 2007

I played bass with the Rockers from 1959 to 1961.  We used to be able to put all our equipment for a 4 piece band in Tom Stewart's 1953  Mercury including the four band members.

We played all over the area from Creston to Orofino.  We played for intermissions for the record  hops at the Coliseum at least once.

One time we got stuck on the Idaho side of the border when Wayne Freeman's 1936 Plymouth car broke down and we slept in the volunteer fire department until the border patrolman took pity on us and gave us sleeping bags and let us sleep at his house.

Right now I work full-time writing  music, books plays and making films.

Gary Edwards, February 2012
Edwards Music

One night after playing in Orofino around 1959 I left a Lucky Lager Beer Bottle in tank of the motel Room toilet where I hid my beer to keep it cool.

A couple of weeks later Iwe came back to the same motel and I opened up the top of the toilet tank and found a bottle of beer, but it was Olympia beer.  I found out later another band (I think it was Clark Frandsend's band) had taken my Lucky Lager Beer and Left the Olympia.

Gary Edwards, February 2012
Edwards Music

Photo Courtesy of Marvin Carroll

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Credits: Gary Vredenburg, Craig Kuhlman, Marvin Carroll, Michael Jay Clothier, Joel Nye, Eileen Talburt, Gary Edwards

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