Rocket Norton Band - 1976 (Courtesy of John Hudson)
Rocket Norton Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1974 - 1977


Jerry Doucette ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
Rick Enns ~ Bass, Lead Vocals
John "Bobby Pickle" Hall ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Rocket Norton ~ Drums, Leader

After the Seeds of Time lost their lead vocalist (Geoff Eddington, aka "King Dudley"), they changed name and continued working the clubs as The Rocket Norton Band. They released a single on their own KMB (Kiss My Bum) Records, doing a cover of the old Loving Spoonful hit "Summer In The City", backed by Rick Enn's "I'm A Submarine".

After The Rocket Norton Band had run it course, Jerry Doucette would launch a successful solo/band career as Doucette, and both Hall and Norton ended up in Prism.

Roger Stomperud, April 2004

Rocket Norton Band - 1975 (Courtesy of John Hudson)
KMB stands for "Kiss Me Baby" Productions, not "Kiss My Bum" as reported.  It was originally supposed to be "Kiss My Ass" Productions but someone chickened out during the name reservation and incorporation!

Incorporated in 1975, the company is no longer active.  Rocket now produces under the corporate identity "Rocket Norton Theatricals".

Bill Allman, September 2007
Master of Obscure History (or possibly a former KMB employee... you decide)

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Credits: Roger Stomperud, Greg Klein, Rocket Norton, Bill Allman, John Hudson
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