Photo courtesy of the Rockin' Bandits
Joe Simmons, Doug Robertson, Gabe Lapano, Kim Eggers, Joe Felice
1961 - At Ex Club Paddle Swing

The Rockin' Bandits
Spokane, Washington
1958 - Present
With a little break somewhere in the middle


Spencer Clark ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kim Eggers ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Joe Felice ~ Drums
Gabe Lapano ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Robertson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe Simmons ~ Bass, Vocals

Photo Courtesy of The Rockin' Bandits
Joe Simmons, Doug Robertson, Gabe Lapano, Kim Eggers, Joe Felice - 1999

Providing Vintage Rock & Roll Standards
The Rockin Bandits
Since 1958, with time off for good behavior.

The Rockin’ Bandits of the 60’s reunited in 1992 for an authentic Spokane Coliseum dance Reunion.  The Coliseum was where we played our first gig in 1958.  Back then, we played Coli hops, the Armory dances, and many N.W. towns..  We were The Bandits into the 60’s, and eventually all went on to play with many other groups.

We're sort of a preservation hall rock 'n roll band.  We specialize in the NW sound and hits from 1958-62.  The Rockin’ Bandits are definitely not a 50's caricature.  We play 'em right!  Our tunes have not been mutated or given "club" arrangements.

Now that we have been re-united for ten more years, we're better than we ever were in the 60‘s!

With over 200 years combined Rock and Roll experience, Northwest Rock & Roll as presented by....

Joe Simmons...bass guitar, vocals.  A well known local player, for 35 years Joe has provided the region with his talents in The Bandits, The Good Guys, United States of Mind, Season Street and many more Northwest bands.

Doug Robertson...vocals, guitar. Doug may be best remembered for his Northwest hit recording of Sweets For My Sweet with The Good Guys.  He also played with The Bandits.

Gabe Lapano...keyboards, vocals.  An outstanding performer, Gabe has performed and recorded on the west coast  with The Bandits, The Cobras, The Cascades and too many others to mention.  He also has had a successful solo act for many years, and currently has a solo album of original piano music available.

Kim Eggers...saxophone, vocals.  Kim comes from a family of musicians and has lent his talents to The Bandits, Viceroys, Surprise Package, Lance Romance, and many others.  He also does extensive studio and production work--best known for his work on the clever Rainier Beer television commercials.

Joe Felice...drums. Joe is a dedicated Northwest player.  He has played with The Bandits, The Blue Jeans, United States of Mind and others.  A former owner of a music club in Spokane, Joe knows good Rock & Roll!

Spencer Clark...lead guitar, vocals.  Besides playing a ripping lead guitar with the Bandits, Spence has played with Doug Robertson and the Good Guys, The GoodTimes, and various groups throughout the area.

For information, please call:
Joe Felice  (509) 226-2525 or Gabe Lapano (509) 292-8079

Joey Felice, December 2002

The Rockin' Bandits 2003 - Photo Courtesy of The Rockin' Bandits
Spencer Clark, Joe Felice, Kim Eggers, Gabe Lapano, Joe Simmons, Doug Robertson.

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Credits:  Joey Felice
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