Ed, Bob Horn, Tony,  Bobby Hausenbuiller, Bill
Tiny Tony and Rock 'n' Roll Jones
 Seattle, Washington
1983 - 1984


Bill Cleland ~ Bass
Bob Hausenbuiller ~ Keyboards
Bob Horn ~ Guitar
Michael Kinder ~ Drums
Ed Mays ~ Drums
Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith

Michael Kinder

Bobby Hausenbuiller, Bob Horn, Tony, Ed, Bill

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of Rock 'n' Roll Jones include: The Dynamics, Gabriel, Statics, The Vanguards, Concepts, Bill Pair IV, Fat Chance, Ice Age, The Treblemakers, and many others.

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Last Update: 24 December 2017
Credits:  Bill Cleland, Bobby "Keys" Hausenbuiller, Ed Mays
Band # 694