Rock n Roll Magic
Tacoma, Washington
1980 - Present


Rick Adams ~ Guitar, Vocals
Susie Adams ~ Vocals, Percussion
Eric Bauer ~ Bass, Vocals
Mark "Bubba" Harris ~ Drums, Vocals
Sonny Schaaf  ~ Keyboards


Jack Dolan ~ Bass, Vocals
Bobby "Keyes" Hausenbuiller ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Richard (Fatz) Howes ~ Saxophone
Chuck Maylin ~ ?
William "BoomBoomBilly" McCollum ~ Drums
Max Mitchell ~ Drums

In Memory of

William McCollum
b:  17 January 1953 - d:  24 December 2010

Max Mitchell

Guest Musicians

Bill Dean ~ Drums
Sammy Carlson ~ Bass, Vocals

and many others

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Rock n Roll Magic - Photo by and courtesy of Sam Carlson

Rick - Rock n Roll Magic - Photo by Sam Carlson

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Bill Pair IV, Christian, Color Blue, Deep Summer, The Duprees, Johnny and The Marks, Market, Ric Martino and Company, Teaser, The Rooks, The Rockodiles, Blue Sky, Silverheels, Strokker, Happy Daze, Coupe DeVille, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  19 May 2012
Credits: Susie Adams, Jo Morgan, Bobby Keyes, Rick Adams, Jack Dolan
Band # 1810