Image Courtesy of Gary Behymer Rock n Souls
Pasco, Washington
1966 ~ 1967


Red Elder ~ Drums
Mark Gage ~ Keyboards
Jimmy Henning ~ Bass
Jim Kenfield ~ Bass
Steve Rogers ~ Guitar


I was the original bass player for the rock n soul band in 1966.  We at that time Red Elder,  Drummer; Mark, cant remember his last name, keyboards; and Steve Rogers, lead guitar player.  Jim Kentfield was picked up by the band after I left.

Together we climbed to the top.  There was a lot of talent in that band.  We won the north west battle of the bands and things were going good for us at that time.  I got an offer to go to Seattle and play there.  Regretfully I went for the big lights. I wish I would of stayed with those great guys just to see how far we would have gone.

The key board player`s name in the rockin souls band, his name is Mark Gage, fine player and person.

Well I often wonder where those guys are now.

Jimmy Henning, June and July 2008


Not Like You / Got No Love, Rich Tone, 1966

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Credits: Jeff Miller, Jimmy Henning, Gary Behymer

Band # 229