The Rogues - Vancouver - Photo Courtesy of John Gedak
The Rogues
Vancouver, British Columbia
1963 - 1964


Ross Barrett ~ Saxophone
John Gedak ~ Drums
Hugh Reilly ~ Guitar
Rick Enns ~ Bass
Don Wieley ~ Guitar

The Rogues - Vancouver - Photo Courtesy of John Gedak

The Rogues - Vancouver - Image Courtesy of John Gedak

The Rogues eventually became the Centaurs.  Hugh Reilly from Cranbrook took classical organ lessons for a while.  This degree of training and concentration enabled him to master rock guitar in a way which would not be seen till Ten Years After played Woodstock.

I first saw him at the Renfrew community centre he was playing faster than anybody I had ever seen or heard on record.  He had a white Fender Jazzmaster at the time, a guitar for bozos in my opinion.  The next time I saw him he had a Gibson stereo 337 and you could hear what he was doing, fantastic out of this world lead guitar like Eric Clapton.

The Centaurs moved in across the street from me and I found the music irresistible.  I left university to join the band.  Louis Petrie was just leaving the band and Ron Williams from Saskatoon had arrived as lead singer and harmonica.  Al West, the magical four fingered bassist, had been pulled out of a reading jazz gig at the Smilin Buddha and John Gedak was laying down a rock dance beat.  We rehearsed 12 hours a day from 11 am till 11 pm with two 15 minute coffee breaks and one hour for lunch.  After that, we jammed till 3 in the morning.

Robert Brown, The Centaurs

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Last Update: 28 January 2008
Credits: John Gedak, Robert Brown
Band # 1720