The Rooks
AKA:  The Squires
Olympia, Washington
1965 ~ 1966


Eric Bauer ~ Bass
Mark Bean ~ Drums
Steve Contris ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Hart ~ Guitar
Bob Mowell ~ Vocals
Tenny Rensvold ~ Bass
Jeff Taylor ~ Saxophone
Dean Whitbeck ~ Drums

Starting out as the Squires, the band eventually evolved into the Rooks

Mark Bean, Steve Contris, and Bob Hart (of the real Rooks) have re-united in a new Olympia band "Chrome Betty" and are playing around the area.

Steve Contris, January 2007

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Last Update:  16 September 2010
Credits:   Darryl Riffero, Mark Bean, Eric Bauer, Bob Mowell, Steve Contris, Dean Whitbeck
Band # 0024