Valentine, John, Mark & Steve
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
1975 - 1979


John Cockburn ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Cotch ~ Drums (replaced Steve)
Valentine Jones ~ Guitar
Mark Roberts ~ Bass
Steve "Beaner" Sweeney ~ Drums

Barry Samuels ~ Manager

We started around 1975 and were based in Port Coquitlam, BC.  Val was from Vancouver, the rest of us from Port Coquitlam.

Our first real gig was Port Coquitlam Senior Secondary High School , that's where Barry Samuels from Axis Entertainment came to see us and sign us up.

We played a few clubs and bars in the Vancouver area, the Universities and High Schools, etc.  We also played a couple of times for the Variety Club Telethon (real late at night in a roller rink), and did a bit of a BC tour as well for two weeks.

The BEE GEES and Disco came along and "Smoke On The Water" wasn't the song to play anymore.  No clubs had live bands any longer and we just couldn't change with the times.

I haven't heard from any of the guys since we all went our own ways.  Steve was working for Canadian Pacific Railway, and might still be.  John went back to Australia and then returned a few years later, I believe.  I'm, not sure about Valentine but I believe he became a heavy haul transport operator gave up playing.

Kinda miss it.  I still have a bass and amp and goof with it every once in a while.

If  anyone hears from or knows where any members are or someone who knows of them, let me know.  I can be contacted through the Webmaster, aka "The Web Slave" at the below link..

I found this page at this site and was really surprised!  It is nice to see that somebody still remembers!

Mark Roberts, June 2011

I am the original founder of the band RORY MAC.  My name is John Cockburn. I am an Australian from Sydney, Australia who migrated to Vancouver in the early 70's and started the Band around 1974.  Barry Samuels was our agent.

The original line up Val, Mark, Steve " Beaner" Sweeney and myself.  Great days!

I moved to Toronto in '78 and played with a band called C.O.D., a punk outfit.  We had quite a following in the Toronto area.

I ended up working as a session guitarist and worked with some big acts. I got out of the industry and left Canada in 96.

I would like catch-up with the guys... I'd love to talk to them.

John Cockburn , February 2012


(Webmaster's Note:  If any of John's old band mates and friends write to John via the Pacific Northwest Bands Webmaster, I'll gladly forward your e-mails on to him. )

Image Courtesy of Glenn Parfitt
Royal City Music Project

RORY MAC Rehearsal - Image courtesy of John Cockburn

 Image courtesy of John Cockburn

Second Lineup - Image Courtesy of John Cockburn

RORY MAC Business Card  - Image courtesy of John Cockburn

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Credits:  Chandler Keeler (R.I.P), Glenn Parfitt, Mark Roberts, John Cockburn
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