Rose - Image courtesy of Alan Burns
Nanaimo, British Columbia
MIssoula, Montana
1970 - 1973


Al "Kook" Burns ~ Drums
Jim Cole ~ Bass, Vocals
Luther Henley ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Craig Lowery ~ Drums
Sherri Smith ~ Vocals, Percussion

Rose in 1973 - Image courtesy of Alan Burns

The Rose, from Missoula Montana, relocated to the Nanaimo area around 1970. While hunkered down in rural Cedar area they added Sherri Smith's powerful, and expressive vocals to the lineup. Working a mix of originals and hit tunes they stormed Nanaimo and mid island rock fans. Faced with internal tensions and outside pressures this configuration of players could only play together for a year or so in 1972 -1973. Luther then moved on with the final Rose group teaming up with original Rose drummer Craig Lowery and local bass player Jim Cole.

Alan Burns, July 2004

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Last Update: 14 August 2004
Credits:  Jim Cole, Larry Kulai, Gary Barker, Alan Burns

Band # 1378