The Rotations
(aka Rotation - aka 5 Diamonds - Evolved into Season Street)
Spokane, Washington
(Originally from Billings, Montana Prior to '66)
1966  ~ 1969


Roger Ames ~ Lead Guitar
Claude Heller ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Wayne Heller ~ Saxophone, Guitar
Keith Knudsvig ~ Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Vaughn Smith ~ Drums

Paul Handler ~ Promoter
John " Kan-Do" Kandarian ~ Roadie


I Can See The Light, One Way Road / MY-0263

In Memory of

Keith Knudsvig

Paul Handler would bring The Thin Red Line down to Spokane from Cranbrook to play The Cool Blue Inn when the house band "The Rotations" had a weekend away.  I remember hearing them one night at the club and seeing these "2 x 4 Guitars" in bright colors all over the stage. We partied with the boys that night and I can still remember two of the guys calling each other "cabbage farmer" and "cement head".

Byron Beauchene - The (original) Thin Red Line, January 2008

This is in memory of the best front man I ever worked with, Keith Knudsvig.  Shortly after I joined the band, the Rotations, Keith’s brother and father bought the Cool Blue Inn in Spokane.  I was not yet 21 so I sat behind a curtain on stage and played lead guitar.  It made for some interesting on stage communications.  Later on I played bass with Keith in Season Street.  Paul Handler was the manager, Kando was the roadie and for a while, Jimmy Mae from the Liverpool Five worked with us on drums.  Jimmy was one kick ass drummer with his double bass drum work on drum solos.  He always carried a lunch box with a large thermos full of his milk and tea.

Roger Ames, December 2012

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Last Update: 2 December 2012
Credits: Darryl Riffero, Gary Vredenburg, Byron Beauchene, Roger Ames
Band # 535