The Royal Notes
Portland, Oregon


Don Gallucci ~ Keyboards
Denny Martin ~ Drums
Larry Roberts ~ Bass
Phil Schutz ~ Rhythm Guitar
Steve West ~ Guitar, Vocals

When I first joined the band, the Royal Notes was led by Don Gallucci - piano The lead guitar player was an extraordinary musician by the name of Steve West, who later played with Gentleman Jim and the Horsemen and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Phil Schutz played rhythm guitar, and Denny Martin played drums.  The group had a frequent "guest" lead singer named Jim Sidor.  Most of the musicians came from Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon.

The first time I heard the band, they did not have a bass player.  I was impressed by Don Gallucci's and Steve West's musical talent, and after sitting in with my string bass, was invited to join the band provided I would purchase an electric bass.  I learned a great deal about listening to and playing with musicians much better than myself, as I was just learning how to play electric bass at that time.  I think I was about 14 years old at the time, a mere freshman in high school.

When Don Gallucci joined the Kingsmen, he invited me to join them immediately after Louie Louie began to take off.  I was still a junior in high school, and could not convince my parents to let me leave school to tour with the band.  So I suggested they try an old friend of mine, a guitar player, Norm Sundholm.  I drove Norm to his first rehearsal at The Chase in Milwaukie, Oregon, where the Kingsmen were rehearsing, made the introduction, and the rest is history.  Norm went on the road, made a bunch of money, and started Sunn Musical Instruments company in Tualatin, Oregon.  Building amplifiers was always one of Norm's great hobbies.  Now he began to take it seriously.  Again, the rest is history.

I stayed home, completed my education, and didn't make a ton of money with the Kingsmen.  Instead, I played bass with the Portland Junior Symphony, played bass with Gentleman Jim and the Horsemen, The Redcoats, and eventually moved to Seattle with Bobby Holden and hooked up with Neal and Merrilee Rush where I spent nearly seven years in the recording business.

Larry Roberts, November 2006

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Last Update: 3 December 2006
Credits: James Bush, Larry Roberts

Band # 1894