The Royals - Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fuller, Wayne Lysher - Teen Time Show
The Royals
Richland, Washington
1958 - 1961


Larry Coryell ~ Guitar
Craig Guss ~
Wayne Lysher ~ Piano
Larry McDermott ~ Drums
Don Ott ~
Grant Ross ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Wayne Lysher  1939 -2006

The Royals - Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fuller, Wayne Lysher - Masonic Lodge in Pasco, WA

Recorded on the Penquin
Thunder Wagon/Teen Beat

"The Royals clobber with the crude 1959 instrumental Thunder Wagon on Penguin, a label operated out of a Seattle living room.  The band also provided solid backing for Lynn Vrooman on her cover of Let the Good Times Roll, also on Penguin
Liner notes from Chicken Session, Early Northwest Rockers and Instrumentals, Vol 2

The band was also opening acts for Fat's Domino and several others, and was the band on the show called "Teen Time" with KEPR Television station here in the Tri-Cities.
Lisa Fuller, September 2003

I'm Wayne Lysher, orginal member of the band.  We played together for about three years.

The most famous member of the band was Larry Coryell.  He went on to become one of the best guitar players in the world.  I played keyboard for the group, and sometimes drums.  I wish I had a copy of the record we recorded with Lynn Vrooman.

We played for many headliner shows as the opening act.  Most notable was Fats Domino, and the first American show by Paul Anka.  It was at the Anka show in Spokane that we were signed to a record contract with Penquin Records.

I still play for anyone that wants to listen.  Also, I had the first electronic keyboard for our gigs that I rented.  Many time's we would go to a performance that didn't have a piano.
Wayne Lysher, October 2003

Wayne M Lysher, age 66 of Richland, WA, went to be with our Father in Heaven on January 17, 2006.  Wayne was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1939 and moved to the Tri-Cities where he has been a resident for the past 60 years.  Wayne was a gifted and talented individual with a love for music and outdoor activities.  His first love was being in the outdoors and competing in bass tournaments.

In his early years during the fledgling birth of rock and roll he was a member of a local band known as the Royals and their first recording was the fast paced song called Thunder Wagon, a few other recordings also included Teen Beat and a dedication song to Barbara called Forever Be.  His talent for playing musical instruments personified his skill and love with the keyboard being his favorite, his love of music enabled him to pass along to his children and grandkids his playing prowess.

Wayne retired from Westinghouse Hanford in 1994.

Lisa Fuller, February 2006

From the 1957-1958 Warrior yearbook from Chief Joseph Junior High School, in Richland, Washington, when Larry Coryell was in the 9th grade.  Northwest Singer Beth Pederson was also in the same class along with movie star Sharon Tate.

Gary Behymer, January 2009

Larry Coryell's 9th Grade Photo

The Royals - Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fuller, Wayne Lysher

Available at Norton Records

Hep Cat  White Label LP 8959
Knee Deep  [instr.]  Collector CD 4430
Thunder Wagon  Norton LP 911

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