The Royal T's
AKA:  Lord G and The Royal T's
Raymond, Washington
1965 - 1969


Bryan Cabe ~ Lead Guitar
Jerry Carlson "Goose" ~ Bass, Vocals
Lenny Habersetzer ~ Organ
Bob Hudnall ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mick Miller ~ Drums

We started out as Lord G and the Royal T's but we dropped the Lord G.

Everyone but me was from Willapa Valley High School and I was a freshman at Raymond.  We played in Raymond and Valley and South Bend plus anywhere we could find a hall to rent.  We all dressed in white satin shirts with ruffles but after one set and all the sweating, the shirts had to be change.

I was so young (13).   I shaved for the first time for a gig and went on stage with toilet paper stuck to my face. When I drove down the street everyone knew me because of my long side burns and mirrored shades. Unfortunately we don't have a picture.

We played in the three local towns.  There were five of us.

    Mick Miller played the drums and had a '65 Mustang that would hit a 100 in no time flat.

    The Bass player was Gerald Carlson who often blew out his amp and had to plug into mine.

    Lenny Habersetzer played the organ.

    Bryan Cabe was the strict one who demanded perfection.  He played lead guitar.

    I played rhythm guitar and sang backup.

We often practiced in Lenny's mom and dad's basement.  We even practiced in a old abandon barn. It had electricity but we had to fight off the bees before we could practice.  No matter where we practiced, it would draw the onlookers and soon they would be dancing in the streets.

The band lasted from 1962 to 1964

Bob Hudnall, June 2009

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Credits:  Bob Hudnall
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