The Rubber Band
Boise, Idaho
1968 - 1969


Leo Lawrence ~ Rythym Guitar, Vocals
Shannon Lawrence ~ Bass, Vocals
Chris Oswald ~ Drums, Vocals
Tom Warner ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Leo Lawrence

The Rubber Band played at Boise teen dance clubs, high school and college dances, as well as doing occasional out-of-town gigs. They spent the summer of 1969 in Buffalo, New York, playing clubs there (under a new name: Jain), and recording a demo album of original songs.

The band broke up after they failed to get a recording contract.  Leo Lawrence died a couple of years later in a car accident.

Tom Warner, August 2003

Rubber Band opened for Buffalo Springfield at the Capital High School Gymnasium in 1968 -- I'm pretty sure it was around March 22 nd.

The Rubber Band set up on the left side of the Gym's stage.  Buffalo Springfield played from their own stage/platform set centered in front of the Gym stage (I remember different, B-S guitars on stands mostly on the right side -- viewed from the audience -- where Stills was playing).

The Gym was not fully packed, and It seemed that there were as many California plates in the parking lot as Idaho cars.  I remember the Buffalo Springfield had an intermission for a few minutes and returned with some clothing changes, and drummer Dewey Martin briefly shook his bum at the audience.  It was my first "big band" concert and probably my favorite and most memorable, and, I think the "Rubber Band" did a great job too.

Brian Torbet, January 2010

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