The Runabouts
Spokane, Washington
1959 - 1963


Joe Cavender ~ Drums
Mickey Davis ~ Vocals
Bud Dumas ~ Drums
Ron Irwin ~ Saxophone
Bobby Nichols ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Valsvig ~ Bass

The Runabouts were from Spokane. The original 1959 to 1960 group was:  Mickey Davis,  Paul Valsvig, Bud Dumas, Ron Irwin and Bobby Nichols (from Cottage Grove Oregon).

They were signed by Columbia records in 1959 and charted two records, "Pink Sox" and "Charleston Twist".  They toured the east coast in '59 for Columbia.  During their tour they met up with a very big instrumental group,  Johnny and the Hurricanes, from Toledo Ohio, who were touring the world promoting their songs, Red River Valley Rock, Reveille Rock and Beatnik Fly.

The Runabouts didn't quite make to the big time so most of the members returned to Spokane.  Mickey and Bobby stayed back east, gigged, and kept in contact with their new friends Johnnie and the Hurricanes.  The Hurricanes were very big in Europe,  and in Germany they had a gig at a club and  the opening act was an obscure group called The Beatles.  The organist, Paul Tesaluk, still has the pictures.

Bob Acorn, August 2011

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Credits::  Freddy Dennis , Bob Acorn, Gary Vredenburg, Jeff Schaller, Joe Cavender
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