Missing Lynx - Photo Courtesy of Alan Burns
The Runabouts
Missing Lynx
VIctoria, British Columbia
1966 - 1967


Jim Black - Guitar, Vocals
Alan "Kookie" Burns ~ Drums
Dave Harris ~ Vocals
Reed Hudson ~ Bass
Brian Newcombe ~ Bass
Bill Routley ~ Keyboards
Gregg Shupe - Saxophone, Vocals

In Memory of

Gregg Shupe

This is a Victoria / Nanaimo group with two names. We called ourselves the Missing Lynx when we played up island or Nanaimo, and we billed ourselves as the Runabouts in Victoria.... or maybe it was the other way around. Check out the crazy P.A horn Bill Routley is packing in the bottom right of the photo. We were a cover-band doing songs made popular by Eric Burton and the Animals, Lovin' Spoonful, Neil Diamond, Question Mark and the Mysterians, The Doors, Rolling Stones, etc. We were heavily influenced by other pnwbands; Don and the Goodtimes, The Sonics, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and Kingsmen. You can see that some of us are just starting to take the plunge into the long hair thang. I'd like to dedicate this site to my musical brother; Gregg Shupe

Alan Burns, July 2004

When the group dissolved.....

Jim Black and Reed Hudson split to the UK and auditioned for a group with a drummer from the Yardbirds. They released an album with a song called "Squeet All Over The Wall".... strange stuff and it still bombed!

Kookie went on to Port Alberni and co-found the wild and crazy Berrycup Blooze Band with Doug Sheritt and Roy Snikkers.  Brian Newcombe relocated to Vancouver with Doug Edwards and created a successful music career.  He's still going strong in the music business in 2004.

Alan Burns

I was delighted to find this site. However it was sad to learn Greg Shoupe had died.    We were first named the Missing Lynx then changed our name to Runabouts. I would like to know if  anyone knows how I could get hold of  the people who recorded some of our sessions.

Bill Routley, October 2005.

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Last Update: 8 October 2005
Credits: Alan Burns, Bill Routley
Band # 1482