John, Paulla, Susanne Marlon-Lambert, Moe, Sharon, Gerry, and Nick
Queens Park - New Westminster - 15 October 2005
Vancouver, British Columbia
2000 - ?


Gerry Berg ~ Guitar, Banjo, Synth
Nick Bubas ~ Guitar, Synth, Vocals
Moe Hodgson ~ Drums
Susanne Marlon-Lambert ~ Vocals
Paulla Maxey ~ Keyboards
John Shields ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals


Susan Barnes ~ Vocals
Liz Butler ~ Guitar, Vocals
Barb Cunningham ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Franco De Basio  ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Brad Dey ~ Saxophone
Greg Dixon ~ Bass
Janice Inch ~ Vocals
Sylvia Jehle ~ Guitar,  Vocals
Larry Johnson ~ Drums
Elin Plum ~ Guitar, Vocals
Javier Pulido-Lopez ~ Violin, Guitar
Sharon Young ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Gerry Berg  d: 20 July 2010

Gerry - 2008

Nick Bubas; Larry Johnson; Janice Inch; Barb Cunningham; Greg Dixon; Liz Butler - July 2001

Nick Bubas; Susan Barnes; Moe Hodgson; Barb Cunningham; John Shields
Practice in July 2003

John Shields; Moe Hodgson; Susan Barnes; Nick Bubas; Barb Cunningham
Christmas 2003

John Shields; Gerry Berg; Moe Hodgson; Sharon Young; Nick Bubas; Paulla Maxey; Susanne Marlon-Lambert
In the Douglas Studio - June 2005

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   The Regents (Nelson), The FourMost, Pepper BlackStress Relief, The Casuals, The Yeoman, Spitfire, Young and The Restless, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update: 22 July 2010
Credits:  Nick Bubas, Gerry Berg
 Band # 1906