The Saharas
Richland, Washington
1966 ~ 1969


Gary ? ~ Organ
? ~ Drums
? ~ Guitar
? ~ Bass
? ~ Trumpet, Vocals

Others ???

I don't have any real information except that my friends and I loved this band when they had an extended gig at Adrien's in Richland (long gone).  It would have been late 1968 or early 1969.   They had a fairly large band - drums, lead, bass, organ, and two horns.  The lead singer, who kind of reminds me of a thinner "meatloaf", also played the trumpet.  They played a wide variety of songs including rock and R&B, but liked to show off their horns on Chicago songs.

I ran into the singer a couple of years later with a different band in Portland.

John Campbell, Seattle, April 2001

I stayed with the members of the Saharas in Richland for a few months between tours in Vietnam.  I was the fellow who usually started the dancing at Adrians.  Gary was the organ player.  Several married local gals in Richland.

Gary Dykes, July 2006

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Last Update:  17 April 2008
Credits: John Campbell, Gary Dykes
Band # 439