The Saharas
Anchorage, Alaska
1964 - 1965


Doyle Armstrong ~ Guitar, Vocals
Doug Bartko ~ Drums
Cindy Clark ~ Vocals
John Slennas ~ Bass
John Stephan ~ Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Wright ~ Guitar, Vocals

Image courtesy of Doug Bartko

Image courtesy ofDoyle Armstrong
The Saharas at their first gig.... West Anchorage High School's PTA Carnival

We also had three other fellows who performed with us for a short time, and they were in the show that we did at West Anchorage auditorium with Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs and the Heartbeats.

Doyle Armstrong, April 2008

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Last Update:  27 October 2011
Credits:  Doug Bartko, Doyle Armstrong, Bill Neithercoat
Band #  2367