The Saharas
Tacoma, Washington
1965 – 1966


 Dennis Keating ~ Keyboards, Leader, Vocals
George "Butch" Kirkpatrick ~ Bass
Mike Smith ~ Guitar
Dave Teodoro ~ Guitar
George Walker ~ Drums
? ~ Saxophone

I played Bass with several fellows and we went by the "Sahara's",  a dance rock and roll band !  We were all from the North west end of Tacoma, Washington, close to Narrows Bridge.  This was  around 65-66.

Dennis Keating was the leader, key boardist, vocal's, and all around musician.  George Walker was our Drummer; Dave Teodoro' Mike smith on guitars and we also had a saxophonist.   I played Bass Guitar, a Fender Jazz.  We were Billed as a "Dance Band" .

We played at a lot of various functions, schools, halls, even a McDonalds one time.

Due to family problems, I had to go back to Vancouver, so my aspirations of being a rocker were all but finished, although I did play with another group in Vancouver .

I don't know what ever became of the Band .   I heard some went off to college.  I ended up married with two kids.

My friends and I knew a lot of the Northwest Bands, Raiders,Kingsman, Don and the Good times, Merrilee Rush...  geez,  and so many more!

George "Butch" Kirkpatrick, July 2012

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Last Update:  19 July 2012
Credits:  George "Butch" Kirkpatrick
Band # 3024