The Saints - Gene & Shady
The Saints
Seattle, Washington
1959 - 1965


Mick Frame ~ Organ
   Brian "Shady" Parker ~ Bass, Vocals
Gary Pollard ~ Drums
Brian ? ~ Saxophone
Ed ? ~ Drums
 Gene ? ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Brian "Shady" Parker


Here's another band from the 60's... THE SAINTS.  The Saints played from about 1959 to 1965.   They performed at the Pink Poodle on Rainier Ave. in South Seattle for about two years, then at the Chalet (also on Rainier Ave., but closer to town.) for about 2 1/2 years.  There were several club dates for short stints after that.  The band was also the "house band" for a downtown Seattle teen club called "THE VAULT".  The band played there on Sunday nights for close to 5 years.

The original band included Gene,  Shady and Ed.  About the time that the band moved to the Chalet, Ed, the drummer, was replaced by Gary Pollard.  A little later on the band expanded to include Brian on Saxophone and organist Mick Frame.  When the band left the Chalet, the sax and organist dropped off.

The band played at several clubs in downtown Seattle for a short time. Shady Parker, the Bass, left the band in late 1965.  What happened to the band after that is unknown to me.  The Saints never recorded, so there is no musical legacy left, but anyone who danced at the Chalet on a Saturday night during that period, would know that it was almost impossible to cross the crowded dance floor. The same with the teen club, The Vault. Huge dance floor jammed on a Sunday night!

I believe there was a Saints band in Seattle a few years later, but it was no relation to the original band.

Shady Parker, August 2005

Some members of this band also performed with The ActionThe Typical Small Town Band

The Small Town Band - The Howie Brothers


Gene and Shady

Gene and Shady


Shady and Gene

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Credits:  Shady Parker. Steve Parker
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