The Saints Dixieland Band
Seattle, Washington
1956 - Present


James Balough ~ Drums
Parry Barth ~ Drums
Ed Bock* ~ Drums
George Cudd* ~ Trombone
Ernie Dalleske* ~ Trumpet
Bob Gillman ~ Piano
Don Goe* ~ String Bass
Frank Guldseth* ~ Clarinet
"Smiley" Bill Marvin ~ Piano
Ken Miller* ~ Piano, Trombone
Ray Johnston* ~ Trombone, Piano

* Founding Member

My name is Dee.  I am the CEO of "Revolutionary Records" in Seattle WA.  I have had the giant stroke of  luck to produce the modern day release of vintage recordings from a hugely popular band from Seattle's early "HEYDAY" of bands.

This Dixieland/Jazz outfit formed in 1956 at the U.W.  was dubbed "The Saints", and after winning the "Village Band Competition" 2 years running, and producing and headlining the "Jazz On The Parkway" concert series at UW, Performed as the "House Band" at "Louie's Old Chicago" and "The Blue Banjo" in Pioneer square (operated by the same folks who ran "Farrells", where Doc Maynard's et al is now), were broadcast live nightly (Fridays) on Dave Robinson's KOMO hour long radio show (live at Louie's), and pre-recorded for replay on Saturday mornings.  They were the swing band for Abigail Van Burien (Dear Abby's) "Dance Trip" to Seattle.  They were recorded by Joe Boles for the 1962 Worlds Fair compilation "Night Beat", which featured an unprecedented 2 tracks from them among the 1 each from the other featured artists.

The current Release "The Saints Dixieland Band (featuring the Rainy City Jazz Band), Hurricane Relief Benefit", is a full length CD produced from the unreleased vintage recordings derived from the old KOMO tapes, as well as other live and Studio recordings (yes also including the very sought after "Night Beat" tracks).  All proceeds from this recording are going to help rebuild the city where Dixieland was born, New Orleans (as a gift from the members of the Saints and their families, and Revolutionary Records).

They brought in a packed house force in Pioneer Square every night from the mid 50's to the early 60's.

In The "I wish I could Find it" category, there is scores of photos out there that I have not found, as well as additional KOMO broadcasts which I would like to find tapes of, and even more importantly, the original master tape to the "Night Beat' album features at least one track not released on the LP, and consequently lost to the past even after e have searched the city and interviewed most of the people involved with the production of the album. So if anyone pops up with info about the saints, let us know?

Dee Vyper, Revolutionary Records, March 2007

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Last Update:  7 December 2014
Credits:   Dee Vyper
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