Salty Seamen
VIctoria, British Columbia


 Dave Balam ~ Guitar, Vocals
Don Chandler ~ Bass
Harry Creech ~ Vocals
John Demers ~ Drums
Dennis Scherk ~ Drums
Dave Vidal ~ Guitar
Ken Williams ~ Bass

I'll be sending some more definitely pertinent stuff soon as I can get it together...a little group called THE SALTY SEAMEN, who were considered the fathers of Canadian westcoast shock-rock...

'Til next time

Harry Creech,  November 2003

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of this group include: Morning Star, Lost Souls, Lightning Express, Be As It May, The Essentials, ABC Band, The FabricatorsWizard, The Bastille, and many other Northwest Groups

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Last Update:  12 March 2011
Credits:   Harry Creech, RCMP
 Band # 2480