Sand - Photo by Rodney Dahl, provided courtesy of Bob Stull (Guitar Crazy)
Dan R., Dan W., Jack, Rich, Attilio & Ted  (Photo by Rodney Dahl)
Portland, Oregon
1969 - 1970's


Rich Gooch ~ Bass
Ken Lomax ~ Bass
Jack "Charles" Meussdorffer ~ Guitar
Tom Miller ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan Ross ~ Guitar, Pedal Steel
Steve Williams ~ Drums
Dan Wilson ~ Guitar
"Attilio" ~ Keyboards

Jack and Rich later went on to play in Quarterflash

In Memory of

Tom Miller

Sand - Photo Courtesy of Frank Trowbridge

Sand - Photo courtesy of Bob Stull (Guitar Crazy)
From their first album

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Last Update: 1 May 2012
Credits:  Ken Lomax, Frank Trowbridge, Kurt Selvig, Bob Stull, Steve Williams, Rodney Dahl (Photographer)

Band # 917