Sandal Spring
Vancouver, British Columbia
1968 ~ 1970


Robert G. Anstey ~ Guitar, Vocals
Shawn Byrne ~ Drums, Percussion
Ken Learner ~ Flute, Saxophone, Wind Instruments
Don Ogilvie ~ Guitar
Ken Ogilvie ~ Bass

Formed in 1968 by Robert G. Anstey, Sandalspring played at The Big Mother, La Place, Village Bistro, and other clubs.   The performed with: Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck, Mock Duck, Papa Bears Medicine Show, Yellow Brique Road, Blacksnake, Hydro electric Streetcar, High Flying Bird and many others.

James Anstey, November 2002

Image courtesy of Mike Beddoes

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Last Update:  21 July 2007
Credits:  James Anstey, Mike Beddoes
Band # 1088