Northwest Dance & Music Venues

San Francisco Sound Ballroom
1214 E Pike
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

5th Pipe Dream
Bentley Escort
Black Swan
Easy Chair
Indian Puddin' 'n Pipe
It's a Beautiful Day
Tripsichord Music Box

Others ??

Matthew Katz operated the San Francisco Ballroom for a year or two in Seattle (can't recall the address or part of town) in an old ballroom in '68-'69 as I recall, mostly to showcase bands he managed (It's A Beautiful Day, Indian Puddin' 'n Pipe, Tripsichord Music Box, Black Swan, etc.). From there came Seattle band Easy Chair with vocalist/bassist Jeff Simmons (ex-Tripsichord Music Box I think), who went on to play with Zappa.

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Image Courtesy of Craig Moore

I played there with a band called Games in 1967 with all the Matthew Katz groups you have listed.  I think it was the Encore Ballroom before it was SF Sound.

As far as I know no band that ever played there ever got paid.

Skip Bowe, Stockton, CA, August 2007

San Francisco Sound was a club in Seattle at 1214 E Pike on Capitol Hill. The building is still there and the exterior is still pretty much intact, But it has been converted into a mini-storage facility.  I managed the facility and have a friend who worked the light shows there.

Bob Thoma, February 2008

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