Satisfier - Photo Courtesy of Paul Cooper
Gene Nygaard, Jim Peso, Paul Cooper and Danny Fenwick
Everett, Washington


Dan Adams ~ Drums, Vocals
Paul Cooper ~ Bass, Vocals
Terry Davidson ~ Guitar, MIDI Guitar, Sequencer, Vocals
Danny Fenwick ~ Drums, Vocals
Gene Nygaard ~ Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Jim Peso ~ Guitar, Pedal Steel, Saxophone, Keyboards, MIDI Sequencers, Vocals
Ed Roy ~ Drums, Vocals

Satisfier was a band I made up with Jim Peso, Gene Nygaard and guys that had filled in for us (in NW Harness Company), or were parts of other bands we had worked with over the years.

We were able to book jobs when I had open dates from my other band schedule.  It also allowed me to double book some venues for dates with each band and to work around club no-competition restrictions.

The remarkable thing about this group was that everyone who was a part of it was an excellent lead and harmony singer as well as being very good on their instruments.  They were all individually in demand as first call fill-in or session players.  Jim Peso and Terry Davidson were both excellent at MIDI sequencing on-the-fly adding instant loops to live performances.  Terry was so good at it he soon became Paul Allen's musical director and has been associated with all of his music projects for many years.  Gene Nygaard was and still is one of the most versatile lead guitarists in the country.  He is an important and valued asset to each of the many bands and recordings he has been involved with throughout his career.

Paul Cooper, February 2012

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  The Diamonds Vocal BandNorthwest Harness Company, Kidz, Smokin' Gun, Shyanne, Cold Power, Shannondoah, City Zu and many other NW bands

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Last Update:  1 April 2012
Credits:  Paul Cooper
Band # 2985