Seafood Mama
AKA:  Beggar's Opera
Portland, Oregon
1977 - 1981  &  1992 - 1993


Blaine Moody ~ Bass, Vocals
Marv Ross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rindy Ross ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Bruce Sweetman ~ Violin, Vocals
Morrie Woodruff ~ Drums


Lex Browning ~ Guitar, Fiddle
Tom Lee ~ Upright Bass
Marv Ross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rindy Ross ~ Saxophone, Vocals
?? ~ Drums

Others ~ ?

If I recall correctly, Marv and Rindy briefly re-formed Seafood Mama in 1992, with me (Tom Lee) on upright bass and Lex Browning on guitar and fiddle.  I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember the drummer’s name.  We went through a few other drummers before the project came to a halt.  I left Portland in ’93 to return to my home town of Santa Barbara.

Just thought I’d add a sliver to the history.  Of course, it may be a sliver that Marv and Rindy would just as soon forget – but I sure had fun while it lasted.

Tom Lee, November 2006

This band was known as Beggar's Banquet in 1976, before they became Seafood Mama in 1977.  The band I was drumming with at the time, Kirkland & Co., was recording at Soundsmith Studios when Seafood Mama was also recording.  That's how we got to briefly know them in the good old days!

I'm sure they still remember Greg Smith, the owner of the studio.

Mark Simon, Portland, OR, March 2008

Tthe Band was called Beggers Opera in it’s early days before Bruce Sweetman joined the band.

Blaine Moody, Bass, Seafood Mama, August 2013

Single:  Harden My Heart / City of Roses

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Last Update:  2 August 2013
Credits:  Ron Sleeter, Dale Turnbull, Marv Ross, Tom Lee, Mark Simon, Blaine Moody

Band # 1839