Season Street - Image courtesy of Darryl Riffero
Claude, Steve, Joe, Keith, Roger
Season Street
Spokane, Washington
1975 - 1979


Roger Ames ~ Bass
Doug Folkins ~ Bass
Claude Heller ~ Keyboards
Keith Knudsvig ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Rick Laws ~ Drums
Steve Leinan ~ Drums
Shirley Lorene ~ Vocals
Kelly Porter ~ Keyboards
Fred Reed ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe Simmons ~ Guitar
Fred Vota ~ Guitar

John " Kan-Do" Kandarian ~ Roadie

In Memory of

Keith Knudsvig

Season Street - Image courtesy of Darryl Riffero

Season Street released an album in 1975 entitled - "ONE WAY" Lands End Records-LN 1000.

Darryl F. Riffero, December 2007

Steve Leinan eventually joined Season Street along with the infamous Joe Simmons on lead guitar.  We did a year-long gig at the Sherman Street South during the World’s Fair in Spokane.  Best gig ever and a great venue.

Along the way I also did a gig with Keith, Les Klinkingbeard on sax and Dicky Pratt on Hammond at Joe’s AMJ in downtown Spokane. The AMJ was action city.

Roger Ames, December 2012

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Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Joe Simmons, Michael Lewis, Roger Ames
Band #  2313