Seattle Blues Revue
Seattle, Washington
1991 - 1997


Early Members

Drew Baird ~ Tenor Saxophone
Kevin Lyons ~ Tenor Saxophone
Jeff Olson ~ Trumpet
Scott Olson ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
BC Smith ~ Keyboards
David Smith ~ Drums, Vocals
Phil Suggs ~ Bass, Vocals
Fritz Whitney ~ Baritone Saxophone

Later Members

Scott Adams ~ Tenor Saxophone
David Marriott ~ Trombone
Sue Orfield ~ Tenor Saxophone
Kevin Seeley ~ Trumpet
Doug Skoog ~ Keyboards

The Seattle Blues Revue began in the fall of 1991, a powerful blues band featuring the big horn section.  The band played consistently through the early 90's at places like Duke's and the Central in Pioneer Square in addition to Bumbershoot, Bite of Seattle, Taste of Tacoma, Bite of Edmonds, Folklife Festival, and most of the outdoor festivals.

Fritz Whitney, November 2003

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Heart, Lovemongers, Alice in Chains, Ann Wilson Band, Roger Rogers Band, Keely and the T-Town TomCats, Big Nasty, Amish Cowboys,  Jet City Power Company, Horn Dogs, DoctorfunK, Frank James Band, Miles from Chicago, Nueva Era, Blue Moon Howlers, Marvelles, Soul Vaccination, Remnants, Apollo Creed, Full Circle, Little Kings, Stolen Ogre, Ballons, Four Out of Five Doctors, Junkyard Jane, Billy Tipton Sax Quartet, Big Dog Revue, Blues Alliance, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  17 November 2011
Credits: Fritz Whitney
Band # 1413