Front (l-R): Tom Dragland, Carl Storms, and  Norm Peterson
Back: Larry Dragland, Jay Weston, and Leif Eddy Haynes

Seattle Star
Seattle, Washington
1973 ~ 1977


Larry Dragland ~ Drums
Tom Dragland ~ Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Mike Dumas ~ Drums
Galen Hanby ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Leif Eddy Haynes ~ Guitar
Norm Peterson ~ Keyboards
Paul Rieland ~ Saxophone, Lead Vocals
Shawn Southard ~ Bass
Carl Storms ~  Saxophone,Vocals
Jay Weston ~ Bass


Darrel Beaver ~ Sound, LIghts
Mark Steneide ~ Lights

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In Memory of

Leif Eddy Haynes

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Last Update:  26 May 2010
Credits:  Laurel Sheridan, Norm Peterson, Leif Eddy Haynes, Darrell Beaver, Nick Blackstone, Ken Deans, Mark Steneide

Band # 311