Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Photo By and Courtesy of Stan Foreman
The Seaway
Copalis Beach, Washington

Some of the bands that played The Seaway during those great years of NW music:

The Beachcombers
Bluefield Doughboys
Little Bill & The Bluenotes
The Candidos
The Chaotics (Sumner)
The Chessmen
Dennis Wayne and the Col e Jets
The Epics
The Frantics
The Galaxies

The Intricates

Cymantha McGugin & The Cherry Frost

The Titans

West Coast Movement

Others ??

The Seaway at Copalis Beach, near Ocean Shores.  The building was of WW II vintage, a pre-fab Quonset Hut that had been bought as war surplus.  They used it for a movie theater and dances.  The seats were mounted on 2 x 4's so they could be moved out of the hall for dancing.  They had dances only during June, July and August as there weren't enough kids in the area other than summer vacation time.  The Beachcombers, The Titans, The Chessman (Hoquiam) and others played there.
Stan Foreman, September 2002

During the late 1950's my Dad worked for the people who owned the Seaway. It was purchased from military surplus and reconstructed on the site next to the home of the owners, Mr and Mrs Bell.  Mrs. Bell was a composer and wrote music that she took to the elementary school in Copalis Beach and taught to the students.  We held school dances there and also it was a theater for a few years and my Dad was the projectionist.  Dad actually helped construct the building when it was put up.   I know that I have pictures of the inside, with the large stage and the old theater seats around the edges.  We had great times there and some good bands played there during the late 50's and early 60's.
EIleen Owens,  September 2005

I have purchased this building and would be interested in putting on concerts and dances once again. If you have any more historic information on this building I would like to read about it.

Regards, Chris Keefer

The Intricates, from Auburn, WA, played at the Seaway in Copalis Beach, WA in about 1961 or 62.

Bruce Lawler, January 2007

The Chaotics at The Seaway - 15 July 1967 (Courtesy of Dave Burns)

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