Vancouver, British Columbia
1966 ~ 1969


Graham Crowell ~ Bass
Frank Ludwig ~ Keyboards
Ron Sullivan ~ Guitar
Jim Taylor ~ Drums

Back in 1968 a guy named Wayne Stirloff (who is now involved with SOCAN in Canada - our version of BMI/ASCAP) started up "Rumble Records" in Vancouver and recorded groups "5 Man Cargo" and "The Self Portrait".   This was Frank Ludwig's band while he was a theology undergrad at UBC. He later joined Trooper and hit the big-time!  He also did a lot of session work for BTO.

Gerald Laishley, August 2009

The original group of guys in the band were Graham Crowell, Jim Taylor and Ron Sullivan.  Although at the time we went through many band names and played around the Richmond, B. C. area quite regularly, it wasn't until much later that we became known as The Self-Portrait.

We went through a few different keyboard players over the years and when our keyboard player at the time, Russ Mueller, decided to leave the band, Graham, Jim and myself  went in search of a replacement to join the group. That keyboard player turned out to be Frank Ludwig, a student enrolled in the Music Department at the University of British Columbia. It was around this time that The Self-Portrait was born. It wasn't long after this that Graham Crowell left the group to pursue an acting career. With our bass player gone, Frank Ludwig took on the task of playing the keyboard as well as the keyboard bass.

When Frank Ludwig quit the band to join Trooper, Jim Taylor and myself decided that The Self-Portrait had finally come to the end of its days.

Self-Portrait's 45 rpm record, the song "He's a Man" was designated as the A side of the record, Carnival Worker as side B.

Ron Sullivan, January 2011

Image Courtesy of Gerald Laishley

Image Courtesy ofGerald Laishley

Rumble Records Recording Artists

"He's A Man"

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Last Update:  26 January 2011
Credits:   Ed Nadorozny, Gerald Laishley, Ron Sullivan

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