Portland, Oregon
1969 - 1971 & 1991 - Present


Jim Badenoch ~ Drums, Vocals
John "JD" Dalrymple ~ Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals
Tim McCarthy ~ Bass, Vocals
Jnana Sivananda ("Frogz" a.k.a. "Seymour Lovejoy") ~ Guitar, Vocals


Mick Austin ~ Bass, Rhythm Guitars,Vocals
Jamie Goetz ~ Drums, Vocals
Allan Gunter ~ Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Jerry Noyes ~ Bass
John Ryan ~ Drums, Vocals
Bill Piland ~ Bass, Vocals
Paul Stanton ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Jerry Noyes
Bill Piland

Seymour, which originally started rehearsing in late 1969 and gigged from 70-72.  The first lineup of Seymour consisted of Paul Stanton, John Dalrymple, Mick Austin and John Ryan.   A new incarnation of the band has been active and gigging since 1991.

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Last Update:  15 March 2015
Credits: John Dalrymple
Band # 3105