Shadow - Photo Courtesy of Cliff White
Kennewick, Washington
1973 - 1982


Art Bennett ~ Drums
Dave Kesterson ~ Vocals
Ray Leonard ~ Bass, Vocals
Rich Miller ~ Drums
John Pakalenka ~ Guitar, Vocals
Cliff White ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Rich Miller

Shadow originated from Kennewick in 1973 and was managed by The Good Music Agency out of Missoula Montana. They toured the club circuit extensively through the Northwest, Midwest and the Southern states.  In 1977 they relocated their home base to Federal Way, Washington, and briefly played the local Seattle circuit before moving to Denver.  While playing in Los Angeles, they were signed to a recording contract with Cannon Records and appeared in a movie for Cannon Films.  They moved to Los Angeles and in 1982, the band members went their separate ways when Cannon Records went out of business before they had finished recording their first album.

Cliff White, October 2001

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Last Update: 22 November 2014
Credits: Cliff White, Richard Sanders
Band # 605