The Shalimars Today - Photo Courtesy of Pat Jackson (Hunter)
The Shalimars
Seattle, Washington
1957 - 1960


Lynn Edwards
Barbara Heath
Pat Jackson

Just a little about our group...  There were three of us... Barbara Heath, Lynn Edwards, and me, Pat Jackson.  We are all Seattlelites.

The group was formed in 1957 at Washington Junior High.  We sang a capella and were first featured at our school in talent shows and concerts.  We sang at local dances.

I vacationed in Los Angeles so we found a Seattle-area recording studio to make a demo for me to take to LA.  That's how we met Kearney Barton.  Kearney appeared to be impressed with us even offering to be our manager.  Our parents wouldn't sign anything as they felt we were way to young.

After that we spent countless hours is the studio with Kearney.  We wrote three original songs and Kearney recorded them to keep for us.  Kearney approached us about doing back-up for Grant Hill's - "She's Going Away".  There were no arrangements so we just hummed and do-da'd until we came up with something that sounded great.  I still believe that's a great song.

Our group lasted three years.  There were no other recordings done by us.  1960 was the last time we sang together.  We all married in the early 60's thus ending our group.  At Garfield High School, Lynn and Barbara added another girl named Mildred Suko but didn't have the same success or sound so they shortly disbanded.

Washington Junior High had some good musicians in the making.  Jimi Hendrix was there the same years as us.  Okay hold on... he was in awe of us.  He hadn't perfected the guitar yet.

When that record was made with Grant we were 15 years old.  Kearney said he couldn't pay us but we had something like 1000 studio hours we could use. (which we never used).

We are looking for old pictures. We never had professional pictures as our parents didn't take any of this seriously.

Barbara Heath is now Barbara Evans.  Lynn Edwards is now Lynn Moxley. They both still live in Seattle.   I moved away about 30 years ago and visit as often as I  can.   I still enter talent shows and Karaoke.  For a while I was singing at funerals. ugh!

I still love all types of music and currently live in Killeen, Texas.

Pat Jackson (now Pat Hunter), February 2014

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