The Shattered Remains
Surrey, British Columbia
1966 - 1968


Allan Fandrey ~ Drums
Gord Higo ~ Bass, Vocals
Bruce Iddulden ~ Guitar
Delbert Iggulden ~ Saxophone
Jim LeClair, Guitar, Vocals
Mike Warn ~ Drums

I do remember a very early band I was in, in fact it was while I was still in high school, but we played a bunch of gigs around the Surrey B.C. area, where we all lived, from '66 until about '68. It was called "The Shattered Remains" and consisted of; Gord Higo, bass and backing vocals; Allan Fandrey, drums; Delbert Iggulden, sax; Bruce Iggulden, guitar; and Jim LeClair, guitar and vocals.

Jim LeClair, April 2005

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Last Update:  26 June 2010
Credits:  Jim LeClair, Colin Hartridge

Band # 1698