The Shaynes
Seattle, Washington
1966 ~ 1968


Clayton Bellhimer ~ Drums
Dan Burdick ~ Drums
Gregg Easton Christenson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Russ Flore ~ Drums
Ron Fox ~ Bass
Bernie Harris ~ Vocals, Guitar
JoAnn Harris ~ Vocals
Al Haugen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill Little ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Jim Wesley ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Ron Fox

The group formed when Bill and Bernie met Gregg in a 5th period high school art class at Rainier Beach high school.  It was the fall of 1966. Bernie knew a drummer named Clayton from a different school, Franklin I think? He wanted to be a part of the group. Gregg had a friend that was a bass player, Ron Fox.  He wanted in too.  They started rehearsing 4-5 nights a week in Gregg’s mom’s basement.

It worked out for them. They worked hard and it paid off. They played at some large venues and with some “Big” name acts. They covered the state and were booked usually more than they liked.

Clayton got married and moved on. Dan Burdick joined the group as Clayton’s replacement. The rock steady kit work of Dan “rolled for the gold” Burdick added a new feel to the group.

The group worked on original songs. They recorded a song written by Gregg and Bill. “Empty Man” never made the charts.

Bernie moved on to the “New Dimensions” and his very able, younger sister JoAnn Harris joined the group as lead singer.  JoAnn helped change the direction and momentum of the group.  JoAnn “Turkey” Harris added a new dimension to the group and they flourished.  They continued to gig. They were a favorite at dances. Girl singer, cover tunes, strobe lights, cool!

Ron Fox moves on and is replaced by Jim Wesley on bass. Jim brings a new vigor and direction with him.
They continue to gig and are a local favorite.

Gregg moves on and is replaced by Al Haugen on guitar.  The group continues to gig till late 1968 and then disbands by mutual consent. Every one moves onward and upward.

Gregg Easton Christenson , January 2006

Russ Flore took over on drums in 1968 and remained with the band until they disbanded.

Russ Flore, March 2006

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Last Update: 9 November 2010
Credits: Gregg Easton Christenson, Russ Flore, Dan Burdick, Al Haugen
Band # 1866